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vtkCocoaGLView Class Reference

Cocoa OpenGL rendering context. More...

#import <vtkCocoaGLView.h>

Inherits NSView, and <NSDraggingDestination>.

Instance Methods

(vtkCocoaRenderWindowRef- getVTKRenderWindow
(void) - setVTKRenderWindow:
(vtkCocoaRenderWindowInteractorRef- getInteractor

Detailed Description

Cocoa OpenGL rendering context.

This class is a subclass of Cocoa's NSView; it uses Objective-C++. This class overrides several NSView methods. To provide the usual VTK keyboard user interface, it overrides the following methods: acceptsFirstResponder, keyDown:, keyUp:, and flagsChanged: To provide the usual VTK mouse user interface, it overrides the following methods: mouseMoved:, mouseEntered:, mouseExited: scrollWheel:, mouseDown:, rightMouseDown:, otherMouseDown:, mouseDragged:, rightMouseDragged:, otherMouseDragged:, and updateTrackingAreas. To provide file dropping support, it implements the following methods: draggingEntered: and performDragOperation:. To be able to render and draw onscreen, it overrides drawRect:.

Compatibility notes:

See also
vtkCocoaRenderWindow vtkCocoaRenderWindowInteractor

Definition at line 75 of file vtkCocoaGLView.h.

Method Documentation

◆ getVTKRenderWindow

- (vtkCocoaRenderWindowRef) getVTKRenderWindow

◆ setVTKRenderWindow:

- (void) setVTKRenderWindow: (vtkCocoaRenderWindowRef theVTKRenderWindow

◆ getInteractor

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