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vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::BlockInfoType Struct Reference

A struct to hold information about Exodus blocks. More...

#include <vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate.h>

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Public Attributes

vtkStdString OriginalName
vtkStdString TypeName
int BdsPerEntry [3]
vtkIdType AttributesPerEntry
std::vector< vtkStdStringAttributeNames
std::vector< int > AttributeStatus
int CellType
int PointsPerCell
- Public Attributes inherited from vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::BlockSetInfoType
vtkIdType FileOffset
 Id (1-based) of first entry in file-local list across all blocks in file. More...
std::map< vtkIdType, vtkIdTypePointMap
 A map from nodal IDs in an Exodus file to nodal IDs in the output mesh. More...
std::map< vtkIdType, vtkIdTypeReversePointMap
 A map from nodal ids in the output mesh to those in an Exodus file. More...
vtkIdType NextSqueezePoint
 The next vtk ID to use for a connectivity entry when point squeezing is on and no point ID exists. More...
 Cached cell connectivity arrays for mesh. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::ObjectInfoType
int Size
 Number of entries in this block. More...
int Status
 Should the reader load this block? More...
int Id
 User-assigned identification number. More...
vtkStdString Name
 User-assigned name. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::BlockSetInfoType
 BlockSetInfoType ()
 BlockSetInfoType (const BlockSetInfoType &block)
 ~BlockSetInfoType ()
BlockSetInfoTypeoperator= (const BlockSetInfoType &block)

Detailed Description

A struct to hold information about Exodus blocks.

Definition at line 353 of file vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ OriginalName

vtkStdString vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::BlockInfoType::OriginalName

Definition at line 355 of file vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate.h.

◆ TypeName

vtkStdString vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::BlockInfoType::TypeName

Definition at line 356 of file vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate.h.

◆ BdsPerEntry

int vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::BlockInfoType::BdsPerEntry[3]

Definition at line 359 of file vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate.h.

◆ AttributesPerEntry

vtkIdType vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::BlockInfoType::AttributesPerEntry

Definition at line 360 of file vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate.h.

◆ AttributeNames

std::vector<vtkStdString> vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::BlockInfoType::AttributeNames

Definition at line 361 of file vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate.h.

◆ AttributeStatus

std::vector<int> vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::BlockInfoType::AttributeStatus

Definition at line 362 of file vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate.h.

◆ CellType

int vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::BlockInfoType::CellType

Definition at line 364 of file vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate.h.

◆ PointsPerCell

int vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::BlockInfoType::PointsPerCell

Definition at line 367 of file vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate.h.

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