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vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Accessor::Sparse Struct Reference

This struct describes an accessor.sparse glTF object. More...

#include <vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h>

Public Attributes

int Count
int IndicesBufferView
int IndicesByteOffset
ComponentType IndicesComponentType
int ValuesBufferView
int ValuesByteOffset

Detailed Description

This struct describes an accessor.sparse glTF object.

This object describes the elements that deviate from their initialization value.

Definition at line 140 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Count

int vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Accessor::Sparse::Count

Definition at line 142 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ IndicesBufferView

int vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Accessor::Sparse::IndicesBufferView

Definition at line 143 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ IndicesByteOffset

int vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Accessor::Sparse::IndicesByteOffset

Definition at line 144 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ IndicesComponentType

ComponentType vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Accessor::Sparse::IndicesComponentType

Definition at line 145 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ ValuesBufferView

int vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Accessor::Sparse::ValuesBufferView

Definition at line 146 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ ValuesByteOffset

int vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Accessor::Sparse::ValuesByteOffset

Definition at line 147 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

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