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vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Animation Struct Reference

This struct describes a glTF animation object. More...

#include <vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h>


struct  Channel
struct  Sampler

Public Attributes

float Duration
std::vector< Animation::ChannelChannels
std::vector< Animation::SamplerSamplers
std::string Name

Detailed Description

This struct describes a glTF animation object.

Animations contain multiple channel and sampler objects. Channels define the target node and value to be animated. Samplers define keyframes and how to interpolate in between them.

Definition at line 398 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Duration

float vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Animation::Duration

Definition at line 437 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ Channels

std::vector<Animation::Channel> vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Animation::Channels

Definition at line 438 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ Samplers

std::vector<Animation::Sampler> vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Animation::Samplers

Definition at line 439 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ Name

std::string vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Animation::Name

Definition at line 440 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

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