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vtkXYPlotWidget Class Reference

#include <vtkXYPlotWidget.h>

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Detailed Description

2D widget for manipulating a XY plot

This class provides support for interactively manipulating the position, size, and orientation of a XY Plot. It listens to Left mouse events and mouse movement. It will change the cursor shape based on its location. If the cursor is over an edge of thea XY plot it will change the cursor shape to a resize edge shape. If the position of a XY plot is moved to be close to the center of one of the four edges of the viewport, then the XY plot will change its orientation to align with that edge. This orientation is sticky in that it will stay that orientation until the position is moved close to another edge.

See also:
vtkCommand::DisableEvent vtkCommand::EndInteractionEvent vtkCommand::InteractionEvent vtkCommand::StartInteractionEvent vtkCommand::EnableEvent

Definition at line 41 of file vtkXYPlotWidget.h.

Public Types

typedef vtkInteractorObserver Superclass

Public Member Functions

virtual const char * GetClassName ()
virtual int IsA (const char *type)
virtual void SetEnabled (int)
void PrintSelf (ostream &os, vtkIndent indent)
virtual void SetXYPlotActor (vtkXYPlotActor *)
virtual vtkXYPlotActorGetXYPlotActor ()

Static Public Member Functions

static vtkXYPlotWidgetNew ()
static int IsTypeOf (const char *type)
static vtkXYPlotWidgetSafeDownCast (vtkObject *o)

Protected Types

enum  WidgetState {
  Moving = 0, AdjustingP1, AdjustingP2, AdjustingP3,
  AdjustingP4, AdjustingE1, AdjustingE2, AdjustingE3,
  AdjustingE4, Inside, Outside

Protected Member Functions

 vtkXYPlotWidget ()
 ~vtkXYPlotWidget ()
void OnLeftButtonDown ()
void OnLeftButtonUp ()
void OnMouseMove ()
int ComputeStateBasedOnPosition (int X, int Y, int *pos1, int *pos2)
void SetCursor (int State)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void ProcessEvents (vtkObject *object, unsigned long event, void *clientdata, void *calldata)

Protected Attributes

float StartPosition [2]
int State

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef vtkInteractorObserver vtkXYPlotWidget::Superclass

Reimplemented from vtkInteractorObserver.

Definition at line 45 of file vtkXYPlotWidget.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum vtkXYPlotWidget::WidgetState [protected]


Definition at line 80 of file vtkXYPlotWidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vtkXYPlotWidget::vtkXYPlotWidget  )  [protected]

vtkXYPlotWidget::~vtkXYPlotWidget  )  [protected]

Member Function Documentation

static vtkXYPlotWidget* vtkXYPlotWidget::New  )  [static]

Create an object with Debug turned off, modified time initialized to zero, and reference counting on.

Reimplemented from vtkObject.

virtual const char* vtkXYPlotWidget::GetClassName  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from vtkInteractorObserver.

static int vtkXYPlotWidget::IsTypeOf const char *  type  )  [static]

Return 1 if this class type is the same type of (or a subclass of) the named class. Returns 0 otherwise. This method works in combination with vtkTypeRevisionMacro found in vtkSetGet.h.

Reimplemented from vtkInteractorObserver.

virtual int vtkXYPlotWidget::IsA const char *  type  )  [virtual]

Return 1 if this class is the same type of (or a subclass of) the named class. Returns 0 otherwise. This method works in combination with vtkTypeRevisionMacro found in vtkSetGet.h.

Reimplemented from vtkInteractorObserver.

static vtkXYPlotWidget* vtkXYPlotWidget::SafeDownCast vtkObject o  )  [static]

Reimplemented from vtkInteractorObserver.

void vtkXYPlotWidget::PrintSelf ostream &  os,
vtkIndent  indent

Methods invoked by print to print information about the object including superclasses. Typically not called by the user (use Print() instead) but used in the hierarchical print process to combine the output of several classes.

Reimplemented from vtkInteractorObserver.

virtual void vtkXYPlotWidget::SetXYPlotActor vtkXYPlotActor  )  [virtual]

Get the XY plot used by this Widget. One is created automatically.

virtual vtkXYPlotActor* vtkXYPlotWidget::GetXYPlotActor  )  [virtual]

virtual void vtkXYPlotWidget::SetEnabled int   )  [virtual]

Methods for turning the interactor observer on and off.

Reimplemented from vtkInteractorObserver.

static void vtkXYPlotWidget::ProcessEvents vtkObject object,
unsigned long  event,
void *  clientdata,
void *  calldata
[static, protected]

Handles the char widget activation event. Also handles the delete event.

Reimplemented from vtkInteractorObserver.

void vtkXYPlotWidget::OnLeftButtonDown  )  [protected]

void vtkXYPlotWidget::OnLeftButtonUp  )  [protected]

void vtkXYPlotWidget::OnMouseMove  )  [protected]

int vtkXYPlotWidget::ComputeStateBasedOnPosition int  X,
int  Y,
int *  pos1,
int *  pos2

void vtkXYPlotWidget::SetCursor int  State  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

vtkXYPlotActor* vtkXYPlotWidget::XYPlotActor [protected]

Definition at line 62 of file vtkXYPlotWidget.h.

float vtkXYPlotWidget::StartPosition[2] [protected]

Definition at line 76 of file vtkXYPlotWidget.h.

int vtkXYPlotWidget::State [protected]

Definition at line 79 of file vtkXYPlotWidget.h.

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