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vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation Class Reference

#include <vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h>

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class  LabelSet
struct  PriorityComparator

Public Types

typedef octree< LabelSet, 2 > HierarchyType2
typedef octree< LabelSet, 2 >::cursor HierarchyCursor2
typedef octree< LabelSet, 2 >::iterator HierarchyIterator2
typedef octree< LabelSetHierarchyType3
typedef octree< LabelSet >::cursor HierarchyCursor3
typedef octree< LabelSet >::iterator HierarchyIterator3

Public Member Functions

 Implementation ()
 ~Implementation ()
bool ComparePriorities (vtkIdType a, vtkIdType b)
void BinAnchorsToLevel (int level)
void PromoteAnchors ()
void DemoteAnchors (int level)
void RecursiveNodeDivide (HierarchyCursor2 &cursor)
void RecursiveNodeDivide (HierarchyCursor3 &cursor)
void PrepareSortedAnchors (LabelSet &anchors)
void FillHierarchyRoot (LabelSet &anchors)
void DropAnchor2 (vtkIdType anchor)
void DropAnchor3 (vtkIdType anchor)
void SmudgeAnchor2 (HierarchyCursor2 &cursor, vtkIdType anchor, double *x)
void SmudgeAnchor3 (HierarchyCursor3 &cursor, vtkIdType anchor, double *x)

Public Attributes

double Z2
vtkTimeStamp HierarchyTime
HierarchyType3::size_type ActualDepth

Static Public Attributes

static vtkLabelHierarchyCurrent

Detailed Description

Definition at line 11 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ HierarchyType2

Definition at line 149 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

◆ HierarchyCursor2

Definition at line 150 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

◆ HierarchyIterator2

Definition at line 151 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

◆ HierarchyType3

Definition at line 153 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

◆ HierarchyCursor3

Definition at line 154 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

◆ HierarchyIterator3

Definition at line 155 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Implementation()

vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::Implementation ( )

Definition at line 14 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

◆ ~Implementation()

vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::~Implementation ( )

Definition at line 22 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ComparePriorities()

bool vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::ComparePriorities ( vtkIdType  a,
vtkIdType  b 

Definition at line 28 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

◆ BinAnchorsToLevel()

void vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::BinAnchorsToLevel ( int  level)

◆ PromoteAnchors()

void vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::PromoteAnchors ( )

◆ DemoteAnchors()

void vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::DemoteAnchors ( int  level)

◆ RecursiveNodeDivide() [1/2]

void vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::RecursiveNodeDivide ( HierarchyCursor2 cursor)

◆ RecursiveNodeDivide() [2/2]

void vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::RecursiveNodeDivide ( HierarchyCursor3 cursor)

◆ PrepareSortedAnchors()

void vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::PrepareSortedAnchors ( LabelSet anchors)

◆ FillHierarchyRoot()

void vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::FillHierarchyRoot ( LabelSet anchors)

◆ DropAnchor2()

void vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::DropAnchor2 ( vtkIdType  anchor)

◆ DropAnchor3()

void vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::DropAnchor3 ( vtkIdType  anchor)

◆ SmudgeAnchor2()

void vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::SmudgeAnchor2 ( HierarchyCursor2 cursor,
vtkIdType  anchor,
double *  x 

◆ SmudgeAnchor3()

void vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::SmudgeAnchor3 ( HierarchyCursor3 cursor,
vtkIdType  anchor,
double *  x 

Member Data Documentation

◆ Z2

double vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::Z2

Definition at line 180 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

◆ Hierarchy2

HierarchyType2* vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::Hierarchy2

Definition at line 181 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

◆ Hierarchy3

HierarchyType3* vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::Hierarchy3

Definition at line 183 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

◆ HierarchyTime

vtkTimeStamp vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::HierarchyTime

Definition at line 184 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

◆ ActualDepth

HierarchyType3::size_type vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::ActualDepth

Definition at line 185 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

◆ Husk

vtkLabelHierarchy* vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::Husk

Definition at line 186 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

◆ Current

vtkLabelHierarchy* vtkLabelHierarchy::Implementation::Current

Definition at line 188 of file vtkLabelHierarchyPrivate.h.

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