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vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper::InputData Struct Reference

This is the data structure needed by the MergePolyData function. More...

#include <vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper.h>

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Public Member Functions

 InputData (vtkPolyData *input, vtkSMPMergePoints *locator, vtkIdList *vertCellOffsets, vtkIdList *vertConnOffsets, vtkIdList *lineCellOffsets, vtkIdList *lineConnOffsets, vtkIdList *polyCellOffsets, vtkIdList *polyConnOffsets)

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Detailed Description

This is the data structure needed by the MergePolyData function.

Each input is represented by a polydata (Input), a locator generated using identical binning structure (Locator) and offset structures for each vtkCellArray type. These offsets allow semi-random access to the cell arrays. They should store offsets to where cells start in the cell arrays. Each offset can be for 1 or more cells. The finer the granularity, the better the parallelism.

Definition at line 49 of file vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ InputData()

vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper::InputData::InputData ( vtkPolyData input,
vtkSMPMergePoints locator,
vtkIdList vertCellOffsets,
vtkIdList vertConnOffsets,
vtkIdList lineCellOffsets,
vtkIdList lineConnOffsets,
vtkIdList polyCellOffsets,
vtkIdList polyConnOffsets 

Definition at line 61 of file vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Input

vtkPolyData* vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper::InputData::Input

Definition at line 51 of file vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper.h.

◆ Locator

vtkSMPMergePoints* vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper::InputData::Locator

Definition at line 52 of file vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper.h.

◆ VertCellOffsets

vtkIdList* vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper::InputData::VertCellOffsets

Definition at line 53 of file vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper.h.

◆ VertConnOffsets

vtkIdList* vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper::InputData::VertConnOffsets

Definition at line 54 of file vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper.h.

◆ LineCellOffsets

vtkIdList* vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper::InputData::LineCellOffsets

Definition at line 55 of file vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper.h.

◆ LineConnOffsets

vtkIdList* vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper::InputData::LineConnOffsets

Definition at line 56 of file vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper.h.

◆ PolyCellOffsets

vtkIdList* vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper::InputData::PolyCellOffsets

Definition at line 57 of file vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper.h.

◆ PolyConnOffsets

vtkIdList* vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper::InputData::PolyConnOffsets

Definition at line 58 of file vtkSMPMergePolyDataHelper.h.

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