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vtkVolumeTexture::VolumeBlock Struct Reference

#include <vtkVolumeTexture.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VolumeBlock (vtkImageData *imData, vtkTextureObject *tex, Size3 const &texSize)

Public Attributes

Size3 TextureSize
vtkIdType TupleIndex
vtkNew< vtkMatrix4x4TextureToDataset
vtkNew< vtkMatrix4x4TextureToDatasetInv
float CellStep [3]
double DatasetStepSize [3]
double LoadedBounds [6]
 LoadedBounds are corrected for cell-data (if that is the case). More...
double LoadedBoundsAA [6]
double VolumeGeometry [24]
int Extents [6]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 95 of file vtkVolumeTexture.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VolumeBlock()

vtkVolumeTexture::VolumeBlock::VolumeBlock ( vtkImageData imData,
vtkTextureObject tex,
Size3 const &  texSize 

Definition at line 97 of file vtkVolumeTexture.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ImageData

vtkImageData* vtkVolumeTexture::VolumeBlock::ImageData

Definition at line 113 of file vtkVolumeTexture.h.

◆ TextureObject

vtkTextureObject* vtkVolumeTexture::VolumeBlock::TextureObject

Definition at line 114 of file vtkVolumeTexture.h.

◆ TextureSize

Size3 vtkVolumeTexture::VolumeBlock::TextureSize

Definition at line 115 of file vtkVolumeTexture.h.

◆ TupleIndex

vtkIdType vtkVolumeTexture::VolumeBlock::TupleIndex

Definition at line 116 of file vtkVolumeTexture.h.

◆ TextureToDataset

vtkNew<vtkMatrix4x4> vtkVolumeTexture::VolumeBlock::TextureToDataset

Definition at line 117 of file vtkVolumeTexture.h.

◆ TextureToDatasetInv

vtkNew<vtkMatrix4x4> vtkVolumeTexture::VolumeBlock::TextureToDatasetInv

Definition at line 118 of file vtkVolumeTexture.h.

◆ CellStep

float vtkVolumeTexture::VolumeBlock::CellStep[3]

Definition at line 120 of file vtkVolumeTexture.h.

◆ DatasetStepSize

double vtkVolumeTexture::VolumeBlock::DatasetStepSize[3]

Definition at line 121 of file vtkVolumeTexture.h.

◆ LoadedBounds

double vtkVolumeTexture::VolumeBlock::LoadedBounds[6]

LoadedBounds are corrected for cell-data (if that is the case).

So they are not equivalent to vtkImageData::GetBounds().

Definition at line 127 of file vtkVolumeTexture.h.

◆ LoadedBoundsAA

double vtkVolumeTexture::VolumeBlock::LoadedBoundsAA[6]

Definition at line 128 of file vtkVolumeTexture.h.

◆ VolumeGeometry

double vtkVolumeTexture::VolumeBlock::VolumeGeometry[24]

Definition at line 129 of file vtkVolumeTexture.h.

◆ Extents

int vtkVolumeTexture::VolumeBlock::Extents[6]

Definition at line 130 of file vtkVolumeTexture.h.

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