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vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Material Struct Reference

This struct describes a glTF material object. More...

#include <vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h>

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struct  PbrMetallicRoughness

Public Types

enum  AlphaModeType : unsigned char { AlphaModeType::OPAQUE, AlphaModeType::MASK, AlphaModeType::BLEND }

Public Attributes

PbrMetallicRoughness PbrMetallicRoughness
TextureInfo NormalTexture
double NormalTextureScale
TextureInfo OcclusionTexture
double OcclusionTextureStrength
TextureInfo EmissiveTexture
std::vector< double > EmissiveFactor
AlphaModeType AlphaMode
double AlphaCutoff
bool DoubleSided
std::string Name

Detailed Description

This struct describes a glTF material object.

glTF materials are defined using the metallic-roughness model. The values for most properties can be defined using either factors or textures (via textureInfo). Materials also define normal, occlusion and emissive maps.

Definition at line 294 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ AlphaModeType


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Member Data Documentation

◆ PbrMetallicRoughness

Definition at line 313 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ NormalTexture

TextureInfo vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Material::NormalTexture

Definition at line 315 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ NormalTextureScale

double vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Material::NormalTextureScale

Definition at line 316 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ OcclusionTexture

TextureInfo vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Material::OcclusionTexture

Definition at line 317 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ OcclusionTextureStrength

double vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Material::OcclusionTextureStrength

Definition at line 318 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ EmissiveTexture

TextureInfo vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Material::EmissiveTexture

Definition at line 319 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ EmissiveFactor

std::vector<double> vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Material::EmissiveFactor

Definition at line 320 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ AlphaMode

AlphaModeType vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Material::AlphaMode

Definition at line 322 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ AlphaCutoff

double vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Material::AlphaCutoff

Definition at line 323 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ DoubleSided

bool vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Material::DoubleSided

Definition at line 325 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

◆ Name

std::string vtkGLTFDocumentLoader::Material::Name

Definition at line 327 of file vtkGLTFDocumentLoader.h.

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